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In Nienadówka, Jerzy was enrolled in a grade school where his mother was hired as a teacher.Osinski tells us in Grotowski and His Laboratory, Grotowski admits "the Nienadówka years were an important formative period for him.His father, originally from the Kraków area, was a painter and sculptor, who also worked in forestry. Both of his parents were descended from university professors, interested in science on the father's side and the orient on the mother's.

For an entire year he was in the hospital, in the communal ward, surrounded by terminal patients.

Young Grotowski was transformed by this experience.

The examination committee included a note about his diction: "Wrong pronunciation of sounds /tz/, /z/, /s/, /rh/, and /sh/" but he was allowed to take the written test.

The applicants were asked to write on one of the following topics: 1.

When World War II broke out and Poland was invaded by Germany--his father was an officer in the Polish Army at that time and was later stationed in England--Emilia Grotowska and her two sons moved to Nienadówka, a peasant village about 12 miles north of Rzeszów, where they spent the rest of the war.

After the war his father moved to Paraquay and died there in 1968.

On the basis of his written essay and his high school recommendation, he was accepted on probation with an average grade of "C," but, he was denied any financial aid.

While enrolled in the acting program of the Theater School in Kraków from October 1, 1951, until June 30, 1955, he also continued to cultivate his interest in the Orient, going to lectures, studying on his own, and consulting with his professors.

He has considerable interests in the arts." In 1951, he graduated summa cum laude from the Fifth High School in Kraków and decided to become a director.) Grotowski's application to the acting program of the State Theater School in Kraków (he decided he needed experience as an actor before he could become a director) mentions his difficult financial situation and his need of financial support.

He claimed his mother's meager salary was not enough to support three people and he had contributed to the family income by receiving a scholarship while in high school.


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