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It is far better to vary the length and the rhythm of the sentences. The universal recommendation for the usage of abbreviations is to write their full form when they are used first in the text.

Combine long sentences with shorter or even elliptical constructions. You do not have to provide the explanation for abbreviation if it is well-known.

A good writing is a result of regular practice, training and persistence. Every sound sentence is based on the strong active verb.

Once a famous novelist admitted that writing is about 90 per cent perspiration and 10 per cent inspiration. Look at it from the other perspective: if you persist, if you practise and work hard, your writing will become better with every effort you make. However in some cases passives are relevant: • To put emphasis on the action rather than the doer of the action. Use concise and simple words instead of long phrases : 3. Reduce the usage of prepositional phrases, especially for denoting the idea of possession (Use apostrophe s).

On a greater scale than this classes contribution to my writing, was its enrichment of my literary analysis. I love the critical thinking, and extricating the meaning from a line of words.

It is so fulfilling knowing that the meaning is from my mind, and it came from allowing the language that I think in to penetrate my mind, and leave a solved puzzle.This is the wonder that is English, and the reason for my passion in this subject area.In this class I have really learned to use a different level of thinking in my papers.While, immediately, never, After, later, earlier, always, When, soon, whenever, Meanwhile, sometimes, in the meantime, during, afterwards, now, until now, next, following, then, at length, simultaneously, so far, this time, subsequently, 9. The optimal sentence length comprises 15 -20 words.However, it does not imply you have to produce every sentence according to this standard.Teachers often have complemented my ability to prove a point with the spoken Now, every time that I pen a paragraph, I think those words.Reading my first paper of the year, and then my last, the difference is ever so clear.The thesis actually carries throughout, ending up at a beautiful conclusion, that miraculously relates back to the thesis.It is a beautiful method, and a valuable lesson, and I am glad that I was able to incorporate it into my writing.Read the opinion pieces and dissect how the writer has supported their points with evidence, and again, be critical; note where they’ve left things out to try to persuade you to a particular opinion.Essays should be balanced, so you can learn from the best of these writers and pick up some techniques to help you shape a balanced piece.


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