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I don’t say this to be harsh or pessimistic, but to emphasise the importance of focusing on how you can help every single player you coach.Not just the 2 or 3 in 10,000 that end up playing professionally.

A good coach will challenge the players to evaluate the mistake themselves with questions such as .

As long as players are learning from their mistakes, they should be pushing themselves and making as many mistakes as they can.

There will be times when players get so worked up that they receive a technical foul which can be a great learning experience for a player if handled correctly by the coach.

Experiencing feelings of frustration and anger and learning how to control them will help players in all aspects of their lives.

Not winning a few basketball tournaments or making a highly competitive team.

Let’s be honest, players have a very, very slim chance of playing professional sports.This will show them that if they want to become great at anything, whether that be the guitar, learning a foreign language, then it’s going to take hard work. This would also be a good time to point out how they will see similar improvements if they work hard at anything else they want to do or achieve in life.In youth sports there is definitely a right and a wrong way to win.Body language says a lot about how a person is feeling and what they’re thinking.I’ve found a lot of players display poor body language without even realising it and youth sports is a great medium to address that since most coaches won’t accept it on their team.You can make a difference in their lives long-term by helping them learn the 21 important life lessons listed below that I believe all kids learn through youth sports.There will be many times when players make mistakes during games or practice.They’ll then learn the important step of figuring out how you’re going to reach those goals by breaking them down into achievable steps.You can’t just set goals and cross your fingers that they’ll come true, you need to work out a plan and work hard to make them come true.Throughout a youth sports season all players should have the opportunity to be a leader on their team.This could be as simple as making a different player responsible for warm-ups before each practice, allowing the players to make decisions, or rotating the captain of each game.


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