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For the most part, the incidence of bank robbery is closely related to other crime trends, especially commercial robbery.3 In the United States, banks have comprised an increasing proportion of the nations commercial robberies: in 1989, 6 percent of commercial robberies were of banks; this proportion increased steadily to 9 percent in 2004.4 (See Figure 2.)The contribution of banks to the total number of commercial robberies can change over time.For example, although bank robberies in Australia increased 52 percent during one seven year period, they also dropped from 9 to 6 of commercial robberies during that same period (Taylor, 2004).

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This guide is not about investigating bank robberies.

Neither does it cover serial bank robberiesthat is, bank robberies that are committed by the same offender or offenders over a period of timebecause patterns related to a single offender are not generally consistent with the problems and solutions described in this guide.

The perpetrators simply used the customer and his bank card as the instrumentalities for accomplishing a bank robbery. In this regard, we note that off-premises customer-bank communications terminals have been held to be branch banks for purposes of the National Bank Act.

In addition, these facts would support an investigation and prosecution for the aggravated forms of bank robbery under 18 U.

Injuries occur in about 2 percent of bank robberies in the United State s and in 6 percent of robberies in Australia (Maguire and Pastore, 1997; Pastore and Maguire, 2005; Borzycki, 2003). This is because most bank robberies are reported very quickly, most occur during daylight hours, many have multiple witnesses, and some produce photographic images that can be used to canvass the surrounding area for suspects.

Consequently, many robbers are caught the same day. bank robberies, local police typically respond first.

In Canada, for example, seven cities have 30 percent of all bank branches but 66 percent of all bank robberies;6 in the United Kingdom, London has 10 percent of the nations branches but 39 percent of its robberies. bank branches and a proportional 18 percent of all U. bank robberies (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2003 []); most of the states bank robberies, however, are concentrated in the Los Angeles area.

The concentration is most visible at the city level. Just as bank robberies are more common in urban areas, bank robberies within a jurisdiction tend to cluster where there are more banks.

Finally, it reviews responses to the problem of bank robbery as identified through research and police practice.

Bank robbery is but one aspect of a larger set of problems related to robbery and to financial crimes involving banks.


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