Essay On The Cinderella Man

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Up to this point, there would not be a comeback, and no occasion for Damon Runyon nicknames.

Braddock gets one more chance at a fight, as Gould edges him past the doubts of promoter Jimmy Johnston (Bruce Mc Gill).

Russell Crowe makes him fascinating, and it takes a moment or two of thought to appreciate how difficult that must have been.

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The need it fills is for a full-length portrait of a good man.

Most serious movies live in a world of cynicism and irony, and most good-hearted movie characters live in bad movies.What is remarkable during both the highs and the lows is that Braddock, as Crowe plays him, remains level-headed, sweet-tempered and concerned about his family above all.Perhaps it takes a tough guy like Crowe to make Braddock's goodness believable.Especially in the part when he was playing with his children at around the beginning of the movie.The relationship between Tom King and his wife is different to James Braddock and his wife. It is shown first, in “A Piece of Steak” when only Tom King eats to get energy for the fight and she didn’t eat anything. The reason was because she didn’t want to see him get hurt.For example, the first reason is they’re both professional fighters who are in a bad situation money wise. In “A Piece of Steak”, Its says “..had harmed no one. He was a professional, and all the fighting brutishness of him was reserved for his profession appearances.Outside the ring he was slow­going, easy­natured…”.Braddock gets a job on the docks in Hoboken, slinging sacks of grain and coal, using his left arm because of his injured right hand, and although that job is a low point, it is also the secret to the left hook that will eventually get him named "Cinderella Man" by Damon Runyon.The movie teams Crowe once again with director Ron Howard; they made "A Beautiful Mind" together, and the screenwriter of that film, Akiva Goldsman, co-wrote this one with Cliff Hollingsworth.When an underdog fights from "heart" after his strength and skill are not enough, the result is almost always unconvincing -- but not always."Cinderella Man" is a terrific boxing picture, but there's no great need for another one.


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