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The French Revolution contained an abundance of violence and radical ideas; however, in spite of this, a progressive slogan diminished these oppressive acts.“Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” is a reformist idea that was a foundation for French society.Despite obvious, physical damages and high death tolls, this period in history has major historical forces that exert immense influence on the not only the lives during that period, but also modern Western society.

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It was an incident that occurred between 17 wherein France made a significant upheaval that generated a new political expansion of the French society as a form of an extending empire.

It was a period when Napoleon established an empire in Europe that generated a massive security concern over its neighboring countries.

The effect of French Revolution in India made a significant transformation with regard to the safety and security of India.

The British forces provided a secured territorial haven for the Indian Territory against other maritime powers such as the Dutch, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Germans during the height of the European exploration.

The Indian influence across Asia intensified after the French gave them away to the British Power, which made India thankful for the chain of events during the French Revolution in the 17th century (Porter, 2009).

The French Revolution from the years 1789-1799 and Napoleonic era from 1799-1815 was a time period of radical social and political reform.This strained struggle essentially paved the way for modern democracy.The entirety of the revolt led to the freedom of oppression that the old French monarchs created.India transformed into a significant territorial hub of the British Empire, introducing new culture and customs to the entire sub-continent of South Asia.The cultural heritage of India transformed from being governed by France into an English speaking European territory.The French Revolution was one of the major historical revolutions that revitalized the European society.The revolution generated a change in the political, social, economic, and security structures that changed the systems in Europe.In addition, military tactics were advancing at an impressive rate that would influence modern tactics – some of which are still practiced today.In essence, the French Revolution and the following Napoleonic Era produced enlightened notions and techniques that critically affected the progression of modern, Western society.Universal suffrage of men that came from all social backgrounds was promoted as a government-sponsored reform.This idea of universal suffrage, despite being limited to males only, this idea developed into what modern Western society has now – a true universal suffrage.


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