Essay On The Lovely Bones Theme

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Ruth begins spending time in the cornfield, where Ray Singh joins her.

Ray had a mutual crush on Susie and was her first kiss.

Susie’s younger sister, Lindsey, has come to share Jack’s suspicions about Harvey and decides to break into his house while he is away.

She finds evidence suggesting that Harvey killed Susie, including a diagram of the room under the cornfield.

Harvey also returns to Norristown, where he watches Lindsey, but a police officer runs him off before he can do anything.

As Ruth and Ray explore the sinkhole, Harvey drives past, which causes Ruth and Susie’s souls to switch places.

While Susie’s family members struggle with her absence in their own ways, they eventually come to terms with the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Susie’s sister and classmates experience their comings-of-age and negotiate their entrances into adulthood.

The police investigate Harvey but rule him out as a suspect.

The Salmon parents, Jack and Abigail, take conflicting positions: Jack becomes suspicious of Harvey, while Abigail puts her faith in Detective Fenerman.


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