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Throughout the span of his killing spree, which lasted from approximately December 1968 to October 1969, the Zodiac Killer claimed to have personally murdered 37 victims.Although law enforcement, to-date, has only officially confirmed that seven of the 37 suspected victims (two of whom survived) were attacked by the Zodiac Killer, the killer and his cases still remain open.And while using true crime as entertainment presents a moral dilemma for tons of readers (these were real victims, after all) there is something in particular about unsolved cases that leads to an insatiable desire to fill in the blanks.

Throughout the span of his killing spree, which lasted from approximately December 1968 to October 1969, the Zodiac Killer claimed to have personally murdered 37 victims.

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While Graysmith’s evidence is well-chronicled and compelling, this book still might leave you with more questions about the killer’s identity than answers. Talk about setting the stage for some serious daddy issues.

As an LAPD homicide detective, Steve Hodel discovered that his late father not only knew the victim of the 1947 Black Dahlia murder, he was also law enforcement’s prime suspect in the case. You don’t often see nonfiction, young adult books on serial killers, which is evidence of pervasive nature of the Zodiac Killer mystery.

Dark thrillers and serial killers have shaped Fincher’s career.

Among his most popular films is the pivotal (2010).

The each received letters with specific information only the killer could know, cryptograms that when deciphered revealed a feverish rant, and most signed with either the zodiac symbol (crosshairs) or his name (“Dear Editor: This is the Zodiac speaking…”).

Whether their author mocked the police’s inability to catch him, claimed to be collecting slaves for the afterlife, or promised to shoot children on a school bus, Zodiac’s published correspondence resulted in frantic reactions from authorities and the public.

It doesn’t help un-muddy the investigative waters any that over the course of a most absurd presidential election, Republican Senator and former-candidate Ted Cruz was, for just a brief moment in the Twitter-sphere, speculated to be the killer himself (despite the fact that as the killings took place, Cruz had only just been born.) Cruz’s resemblance to Zodiac Killer police sketches, however, is unarguably remarkable — leading a whole new generation of conspiracy theorists to Google: who was the Zodiac Killer?

The only true answer out there is: we still don’t know.

This discovery led Hodel to dig deeper into his father’s past, ultimately coming to the conclusion that George Hodel was not only the Black Dahlia killer and the Zodiac Killer, but at his core a deeply disturbed man who viewed murder as a form of art. Brenda Haugen’s The Zodiac Killer: Terror and Mystery breaks down the facts — and the mysteries — in this slim book for teens and young adults.

If you don’t want your young’uns diving headfirst into Graysmith’s sea of intimate details, this title is probably the way to go. Another story — the latest, and perhaps the most well-argued — that makes the case for the Zodiac Killer being the writer’s father. Stewart’s The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father…


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