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And while your child is having fun, you’ll be creating new friends who can be valuable allies in your efforts to ensure your child is in an inclusive classroom at school!

As 3rd graders begin to use writing to communicate and to inform, they should be able to write simple essays about familiar ideas.

Now vacation means planning ahead, confirming reservations, packing bags and finding someone to feed the pets and water the plants -- the list goes on.

Going through each and every entry on the list is tiring. We deviated from our yearly vacation plan and all decided to stay at home. With school out, we were all everyday in one place, with the mall as our nearest refuge for leisure. And summer meant plenty of blockbuster action-packed movies. After we had our fill of several buckets of buttered popcorn and soda, we asked, so what's next? Not just plain cooking of tossing in proteins and veggies to make a stew.

I liked the idea of having an iguana at home because they're vegetarians and it encouraged everyone at home to eat their veggies as well. Finding out which types of leafy greens it loves best.

Which gave me a reason to drag my husband along for our regular trips to the market.The relevance of visiting places or locations one has never visited before cannot be overstated.In addition to helping relax the mind, travelling also carries with it some educational value. These include the Niagara Falls and the National Mall and Memorial Parks.Ahhhh, summertime—vacations, swimming, camping, family time, lazy days, and more.Make this your family’s best summer ever, and at the same time, lay the groundwork for a successful school year when September rolls around.With new ingredients on hand, it meant more new recipes for me to work on. My dad is a twin and my uncle's family used to join us on our family vacations.That summer was also the warmest summer ever recorded. I have lots of fond memories of my childhood vacations.Whether you're going on a vacation or moving to a new city, summer is a time that can create the fondest of memories.As temperatures rise this month, we asked writers to share their best (or worst) summer vacation stories. I'm not going to start this with: "summer's here, time for fun and relaxation! You all know that, perhaps we all do -- and that maybe more than once we have caught ourselves staring out the window thinking: "Why am I here instead of spending an afternoon on a beach somewhere or in a wood cabin up in the mountains?According to the National Park Foundation (2012), "the National Mall is America's front yard where the Washington Monument, WWII and Lincoln Memorials stand." I have to admit that part of my desire to visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks stems from the great respect I have for Abraham Lincoln.Summer is a season for adventure, fun, love and so much more.


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