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There were some longer parts, some shorter parts, and then there were the jury members who didn’t have any lines to prepare (more on that later). It led to a deeper understanding of formal language versus informal language.

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Several students were quick to note that there were no slang words in the text and quick to question why.

That led to a rich discussion, which resulted in them drawing connections between code switching in a courtroom and code switching in the classroom.

The jury members take notes, and at times, ask the judge to have a witness repeat their testimony.

They then are responsible to leave the room and deliberate, debate and ultimately come to a unanimous verdict.

Unfortunately, as Tybalt was under Romeo’s arms, he stabbed Mercutio and he died soon after.

In all the rage, Romeo was furious that his friend was dead and starts to fight with Tybalt.

Perhaps the most burning question they had was: It lead to a deep discussion as to why the jury couldn’t just pick the side they liked best.

They really struggled with the concept of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” They were fascinated and wanted to know more.

Here’s what I’ve learned, in my first attempt, about the instructional benefits of a mock trial. Concepts of consumer fraud and manipulation took center stage because they wanted to understand what they were arguing, so they could win.

I assigned roles and gave my students their scripts to go home and practice over the weekend. It wasn’t enough just to know what the words on the page meant, though.


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