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I must go on being a Christian, acting out the role of a genuine revolutionary apostolic Christian, as a strategy: in order to overthrow the Black Iron Prison which I detest. There are a number of reasons for this, not least because Ridley Scott had not read Dick’s novel (1968), but another factor was the marginalization of screenwriter Hampton Fancher, who returned for Villeneuve’s sequel. Dick’s middle name was Kindred, and ‘K’ the replicant played by Ryan Gosling is K/kindred with Dick.

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Highlighting what it means to have and take life is explored at great length through Scott’s film.

And the most evident stylistic element is Harrison Ford‘s Deckard, a lone wolf of Marlowe-esque nature and tendency.

The scene is straight out of Dick’s documented dreams. In his exegesis of the events of 2-3-74, Dick supposes that in apprehending/seeing God, the visionary accomplishes the “breaking of the ‘Orwellian Horse’ script” (p.

K is haunted by the memory of a carved wooden horse. 302) — that the encounter with the transcendent/miraculous emancipates us from work-life-duty, a Marxist version of the enslaved ego/spirit in history.

Able to ebb and flow as needed, the presence of noir can be fully detected in Ridley Scott‘s 1982 film, “Blade Runner.” At surface value, “Blade Runner” may not showcase its noirness.

Even upon first viewing of the seminal science fiction drama, what may normally be easy to determine in a noir is layered beneath a study of what it means to be human in this industrialized future world.

The combination of 6 and 3, interlinked by the hyphen, gives us 9 or alphabetically ‘I.’ The 3, isolated, gives us ‘C.’ It appears as if K’s serial number will encrypt Dick’s name directly: KDIC – but then it breaks off, or loops back, anagrammatically, leaving the final digit 7 unresolved.

The numeral 7 has a rich and paradoxical history in the occult, theology, literature, and pataphysics. Yet, one must double back, approach the numerology differently: K (11), D (4), and 9 are 24. Work the numerological equation this way: 2 4 3 7 = 16, or ‘P’.

The initials PKD are encrypted in K’s serial number. Twinning, and doubling are uncanny devices in by spirit.

Or, regard it another way: allow 3 7 to simply equal 10. Later, as pure emanation, Joi will occupy the persona of the doxie Mariette to experience sex with K.


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