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Willy Loman and Jay Gatsby from ​, continuously feel like they need more regardless of what they already have.

Willy Loman and Jay Gatsby from ​, continuously feel like they need more regardless of what they already have.

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Biff doesn’t care for society’s ideas of a stable life.

This creates conflict between the two characters; which partially highlights the superficial aspects of the American dream.

Since bootlegging was illegal, it would have required protecting himself, constant networking and keeping his work a secret. ’ “ (Fitzgerald,117) His parties were only used as a way to network his way to Daisy.

All of these are difficult to do and connect back to the American dream because he was dedicated. This shows that he was always in a state of pre-planning and was trying to establish his romantic goals.

Obvious signs of his hard work are laid out in the book, which includes his mansion, lavish parties, and his clothing and belongings.

However, there are also many subtle signs of his work ethic.Gatsby is a headstrong individual who can’t seem to give up on Daisy, all his efforts go towards the chance of a future with her. In his obsession with the American dream, he sacrificed his morals and his character.Through this, it becomes clear that Gatsby had achieved one of the American dream, indicating his hardworking quality.Moreover, the characters prioritize hard work directly in and attempt to achieve the American Dream.Willy keeps reinforcing hard work into his career which can be seen in his actions and his dialogue.He drives a long way for his job, despite the frustration with the extensive distance, “I’ll have to send a wire to Portland.I’m supposed to see Brown and Morrison tomorrow morning at ten o’clock to show the line” (Miller, page 14) Here, Willy shows dedication despite his own exhaustion and age.Fitzgerald and Miller create characters that fulfill the aspects and mindset of the American Dream without attaining it.The American Dream includes starting from nothing and being able to prosper with a family unit and a successful career.Willy’s belief about success overpower Biff’s own passions, which leads to a poor relationship between the two characters, “Hap, he’s got to understand I’m not the man somebody lends that kind of money to.” (Miller, pg 105).Willy’s disapproval of his son’s career comes from his own definition of success.


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