Essays On Animal Testing

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Many people have criticized the use of animals in the testing labs.

Various people have termed the process as inhuman due to various reasons.

Therefore, the chemicals and cosmetics used on the animals being tested have the likelihood of reacting ton the animals in the same way that they will react on the human bodies (Hayhurst, 2000, p.6).

Over the past years there have been numerous controversies in regard to animal testing.

Abstract Animal testing which is also referred to as animal experimentation is the process whereby non-human living things are used in scientific labs to carry out various experiments.

These experiments involves carrying out diverse tests on the animals to come up with an idea of how effective or dangerous a certain chemical or cosmetic will be when used on a live a result; these animals have different adaptations to their new environments as compared to their initial natural habitants.Consequently, this adaptation to their new environments has led the animals to have a different response to the chemicals used on them as compared to those that are in their natural habitants.However, there are still other small companies that take the animals out of their natural habitants without replacement or bleeding their own.Other learning institutions are also victims of taking the animals to be tested from their natural habitants without replacing them, with new ones.These tests are done prior to the release of products to the consumers that the analysts are not very sure about the effect that they will have on the human being, may it be internal or external.However not all animals are suitable for testing on potential products that will be used on human beings.Animals are a part of God’s creation and therefore no one has the authority to interfere with their lives.The animals to be tested are confined in some of the most hostile environments whereby they undergo through harsh environmental conditions that are not suitable for their normal life.There are chosen animals that are chosen and most preferred by the scientists.The animals that are chosen and preferred for testing possess characteristic that are almost similar to those possessed by the human beings.


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