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I told myself if I ever decided to become a member of a sorority it would be based solely on their ethical standards, history, and values they are founded upon.Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated consists of ladies of distinction and exemplary character who excel in scholarship, leadership, and service, which are qualities I have chosen to uphold.Stephanie was another main character, she was born to a mother on drugs and was put up for adoption. Malena struggles with her weight but her line sisters help her out.

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Excelling academically led me to growing socially by joining different clubs throughout those years.

In high school I was in Junior Civitan Club, an Auxillary Junior Volunteer, a Medical Explorer, and was invited to join an honors mathematics club named MU ALPHA THETA.

Instead I obtained my High School diploma, worked at Sonic (a restaurant that strives on their employee’s academic excellence) for three years; I’m a junior in college that has thrived academically and socially over my years.

From high school to college I maintained a 3.5 GPA.

When she became a part of the sorority her line sisters convinced her that Howard and Patricia were her real parents because she had been with them since birth.

Day in and day out we hear about high school and college students wanting to pursue a sorority and/or a fraternity based on the stereotypes these organizations uphold, well I chose to differ.She then realizes Jason was a liar and that she no longer wanted him to be in her life. Over time, Guy began to receive more and more books. Before she joined the Pink Plush Rush she felt like an outsider or a geek, because of her intelligence.Cajen moves on with her life and takes things very slow with this guy Eric. One night, Guy pulled one of the books out from where ... Her sisters told her to be proud that she was so intelligent. Only those who have read the book would know this part of her personality. It is very influential when determining an opinion of the characters. Looking at societies where getting a college education has become a part of life, mostly growth oriented countries, the ...She was scared about their relationship going downhill because she knew that Donald was in the top twenty-five to be drafted to the NFL. An example of this took place in upon the pages of this book. was younger I would beat up my sister and when she'd tell my mom ... Individual character of people within any society will determine ... a literary report card on at least 3 characters from the book (choose character traits the grade on their own). the infamous Lord Voldemort, and to rescue Ron’s younger sister Ginny. Donald really liked Chancey and she really liked Donald. Going back to the creation part, in Genesis, after the ... She tries to keep it to herself that she has gotten a STD from Jason but her line sisters make her tell them “what’s up”.She tells them and they were all shocked because they never knew that Cajen had a relationship going on with Jason. One night at a fund-raiser that her sorority is having, she sees him there and they leave and she talks to Jason privately. She is the oldest of five children and the first person from her family to go to college and soon graduate from college.woman that had a large supply of books in her house. They liked it that she was so intelligent because when the Big Sisters would talk, she absorbed all of the information, and later they could all re-talk about what the Big Sisters had discussed. The omission of that one particular scene changed my entire ... and industrial advanced societies, going to college has become an integrated part of the learning process. Chancey was the girlfriend to Donald who was one of the best football players at the college. You have four years to be irresponsible here, relax…You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember the time you wasted hanging out with your friends. recently graduated from the Honours Professional Writing program at York University. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys jogging, swimming and baking.


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