Essays On Ozone Layer Depletion

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In this regard, ozone, therefore, plays a crucial role in controlling the temperature structure of the Earth's atmosphere.Absence or depletion of the ozone layer affects the filtering capacity of the ozone layer thus, allowing more ultraviolet radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and reach the earth surface.The ozone layer is crucial to the earth as it absorbs most of sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation hindering most of it from reaching the surface of the Earth.

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Stratosphere is a region of the atmosphere found slightly above the earth's surface.

On the other hand, the other region of the ozone is referred to as the stratosphere.

The two layers show how ozone layer distributes in the atmosphere.

Although stratosphere and troposphere constitute chemically identical oxygen atoms, they play different roles in the atmosphere and their depletion carry different effects humans and other living things.

Although air is lighter than CFCs, CFCs are carried into the stratosphere through a process that can take a period of 2 to 5 years.

Essays On Ozone Layer Depletion

After CFCs reaches the stratosphere, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes them to dismantle releasing chlorine atoms that react with ozone, initiating ozone’s destruction chemical cycles that eventually leads to ozone layer depletion.

This might appear a slight increase in temperatures but specialists in this field of study argue that it might have devastating effects not only on human life but also the entire earth biological diversities (Lubin & Jensen, 1995).

A number of studies to determine the cause and effects of the ozone layer depletion have been conducted by guru researchers.

Furthermore, this paper will start by addressing the role ozone layer plays as well as the responses people should have in order to minimize the effects of the ozone hole.

Role of Ozone Layer The ozone layer, found in two regions of the Earth's atmosphere, plays pivotal roles to earth's life.


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