Essays On Perseverance And Achievement

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Perseverance is the ability to go on when things seem hopeless.It is also a measure of success, or at least how much sacrifice one is willing to make in the name of success.As students, it is impossible to achieve personal success without having a goal, or direction.

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Perseverance is being able to bear obstacles and difficulties calmly and without complaint.

Perseverance is trying again and again, even after you've failed and may feel all hope is lost.

Success does not always come easy; sometimes it comes with difficulty.

It is being able to pick yourself and continue when you scrape your knees that defines your commitment.

This shaping gives the reader the image of a river making and reaching an obstruction and When i first picked up the guitar when i was younger i was very ambitious and wanted to learn all my favorite songs and master everything to know about it.

I knew that if i kept focus and practiced everyday i would accomplish my goals.Perseverance is the ability to forge ahead despite setbacks that threaten to undermine all efforts to succeed.We are high school students and that means that the sense of urgency to strive for and to achieve personal success is now.With this urgency comes the expectation of having to persevere.This year has not been as easy one for us as a school body.In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” Hughes uses varying sentence lengths to represent the flow of a river.He starts with a short phrase and follows with a long and flowing phrase.It is and sniffs; the smell of death fills his nostrils.The dog leaves the man and searches for the other food and fire providers.So it is with that intro My fellow classmates and graduates of 2014, I want to thank you for letting me speak to you today about one of the most important things in life and in school, perseverance.Perseverance is hard work, patience, commitment, endurance, and motivation.


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