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As purported by the Catholic Church teachings, “virginity is the most precious treasure that a woman can give to her husband and should be preserved for the man who will marry her.” Today, a new term dubbed “hooking up” has gained dominance in American Colleges and replaced the hackneyed “quickie” sexual interaction.Hooking up involves a range of activities such as taking alcohol, kissing or having sex.

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As the Catholic Church teaches, these are all consequences of disobedience and impatience.

The teachings purport that God commands us to stay pure until marriage.

For this reason, when people start having sex, they become bonded together.

For this reason, there emanates a situation where the two are always expected to have sex on a regular with the other because they in possession of each other’s secrets or they know each other’s weaknesses.

The drug abuse is against the teachings of the Catholic Church which warns against ingesting any substances that are harmful to the body.

This is so because our bodies are a dwelling place of the God and the Holy Spirit.The first detrimental effect is the introduction to drugs that leads to drug abuse.According to Opayemi (9), male students use drugs very often.According to Orchard, Bernard and Fuller, 3 million cases of unplanned pregnancies are reported every year.Premarital sex in many cases leads to unexpected pregnancies.The fourth negative consequence is the spread of HIV/Aids and other venereal diseases.According to (Casey, Murray, and Todd, 21), approximately 19 million fresh cases of STI’s are reported every year.The act of hooking up and trying out some enhancing drugs is usually caused by the influence of one’s peers.This trend of associating with bad influence peers is against the teachings of the Bible.The second negative effect is the introduction to bondage.As the Bible says, “…the two shall become one in the flesh…” (Corinthians ).


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