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The members of society tend to follow the norms prescribed for attainment of the particular goal.

The members of society tend to follow the norms prescribed for attainment of the particular goal.In this effort, some persons succeed in exploiting their fellowmen while others deviate from the normal course of conduct and lend into criminality which is both harmful and offensive to society.Sheldon also believed that the innate tendencies of men such as short temperedness, delayed maturity, etc., are a source of crime-causation. According to Marxist theory, all human behaviour is determined by economic factors.

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Essay on the Social Disorganisation Theory of Crime !

Park and Burgers, of the Chicago School Professors defined social disorganisation as “the inability of a group to engage in self-regulation” in a social control formulation.

He pointed out that non-fulfilment of desires among children causes frustration and consequently they are psychologically disturbed.

In an Endeavour to escape from these emotional imbalances, they are prone to become criminals. Bonger however, locates criminality in poor and deplorable economic conditions and capitalistic order of society.

Moreover, the background of crime has a direct bearing on penal policy inasmuch as the penal programme is aimed at rehabilitation of offenders through adequate means.

It must be stated that criminals as a class comprise a large variety of persons who may be adult or child, male or female, shrewd or ignorant, mentally sound or emotionally disturbed, white collar criminals or those committing predatory crimes, prostitutes, pimps and many other types of offenders.

While talking about social disorganisation, Turk distinguishes between cultural norms and social norms.

According to him, cultural norms set out what behaviour is or is not expected while the social norms represent what the actual behaviour in society is.

More often than not, delinquency results from weak social bonds due to lack of institutional controls.

The denial of the moral validity of laws provides a background for delinquents to their illegal behaviour.


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