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Russell Lo Bue Johanson Eng 105-39 23, February 2015 The Jungle Book Disney has the ability to make children out of adults and turn old stories in to movies that are memorable for all.

Mowgli saves Plumford and asks him to return the favour by helping Baloo.

Mowgli catches up with Boone’s men and agrees to escort them to Monkey City in exchange for Kitty and Geoffrey’s safety.

Mowgli manages to defeat Kaa with a jeweled dagger he found in the temple. Louie returns Mowgli the bracelet, proclaiming him a hero.

A little later, Mowgli once again encounters Kitty, who has returned to India with her father and her arrogant and deceitful suitor, Captain William Boone.Mowgli finds Kitty and the others just as Boone’s men, led by Buldeo and Tabaqui (two of Boone’s porters), ambush and attack them.Geoffrey is shot and wounded, and abducted along with Kitty.He follows them to the ruins of an overgrown and lost city, deep in the jungle, where he meets King Louie the orangutan, who he follows in to a chamber full of vast treasure.Louie wants to add the bracelet to the treasure but agrees to give it back if Mowgli fights the great serpent Kaa and wins.The story of a young Indian boy named Mowgli, who is a little boy that was separated from his village and was saved by his wolf father from the evil tiger Shere Khan.The boy was raised as a wolf and about 10 years later he grew up and learned that he couldn’t stay because soon Shere Khan would find him.From Snow White to Frozen, Disney has been capturing audience’s attention no matter what age group. The Jungle Book is an amazing story that takes viewer through the life of Mowgli who was a boy that was raised by wolves.The young boy must leave from his wolf family in order to escape the man-eating tiger named Shere Khan.With the Indian boy's fellow companions Bagheera and Baloo the audience experiences a great and positive story, fun songs, amazing animations for the time, and characters that will always be closed to the heart.The Disney version of Rudyard Kipling’s novel takes the audience to experience a great story and makes it into a family friendly animated movie.


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