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As Kaufmann and Siegelbaun (1996) stated that “from this definition it should not be concluded that corruption cannot exist within private sector activities.It also exist in activities regulated by the government.

As Kaufmann and Siegelbaun (1996) stated that “from this definition it should not be concluded that corruption cannot exist within private sector activities.

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Corruption – commonly defined as the misuse or mishandling of civic office for personal advantage (World Bank).Years of economic mishandling, corruption and political instability during the Marcos dictatorship regime contributed to economic stagnation and resulted in national instability (United States Department of State) (n. However, economic suffering did not hinder Filipinos from seeking better opportunities elsewhere in the world.This was the starting point for the ongoing growth of the Filipino migration in the Western world.It is a tradition for a legislator's descendant, partner, associate, or relatives, to have or to run the similar or other administrative position (unknown source).Philippines is moving forward from agrarian centered to more on service and industry. 7 percent is on industrial sector and credits for 30 percent of GDP. 5 percent is in the service division and are accountable for 56. According to Aldaba (2009) and Schelzig (2005), some of the main cause of poverty are: High population growth rate; control concerns comprising dishonesty and a frail government; persistent blows and experience to hazards and threats such as financial crisis, conflicts, and natural calamities; failure to develop the agriculture sector.Based on National Statistics Office, Filipinos living outside the country is eleven million of the total population (NSO, 2009) Philippines is a democratic country and it is a legitimate nation with an executive structure.The Philippine government was indeed rooted in history from the Spanish invaders, and both disagreeable and influential.According to Schelzig (2005), the Philippines has obvious unequal income distribution which supports the conclusion that the Filipinos in the lower distribution is highly susceptible in impoverished living conditions and depravity from basic sustenance and necessities, leaving households vulnerable (Schelzig, 2005).Over the past decade, since Philippines embraced the millennium development goal of the United Nations to eradicate poverty and to improve the lives of its people, issues on poverty and hunger have become more and more prominent in rural and depressed areas, despite of the improvement of its economic status and the implementation of programs to address these problems, poverty rate has not been reduced to what is expected.The total number of workers in the country is around 38. Rural sectors comprises 32 percent but only contributes about 13. In the past several years, the country experience so many problems – from worldwide financial crises, increased petroleum and food prices, political shames, and overwhelming natural disasters.These have aggravated the condition of those people already in extreme situation and dragging even more people into poverty.


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