Essays On The Quaker Vision Of Gospel Order

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Cornel West says, “Justice is what love looks like in public.” I think Gospel order is just that, justice and generosity and friendliness, all informed by a love of God and a willingness to love one another into our own best places.

-Sue Tannehill Buffalo, NY § Obviously it will mean different things to different people.

There are Quaker traditions and books of Faith and Practice to guide us to that place.

There are scriptures and the wisdom of Friends who’ve been called to lead in particular ways.

Some will receive a vision of a new world where liberation and empowerment has come.

Jesus called this new world the kingdom of heaven, Buddha called it the Pure Land, Marx called it Communism, and others call it the New Age.Gospel Order is the livingout of the principles of the New World in this present.It is the application of faith and hope in the world to come to our immediate reality -Anonymous, Northside Friends Meeting Chicago ILYM § The gospel is the power of God.-Alice Yaxley, Britain Yearly Meeting § order created by reading, understanding and living the holy words of the gospel -Anonymous, sandpoint friends meeting § To me, “Gospel order” simply means practical application of the principles of love in relationship within our community.It may be following a specific example of conduct such as the process for trying to reconcile a difference with another member of the community in which the person is first approached privately, then with witnesses and then before the whole body, or it may be following processes that have been worked out over time within a body of believers, or it may be a new examination of how things are done in an attempt to bring processes into better alignment with the principles.In all cases it is the practical application that is being addressed.-Nate Swift § As I understand Gospel Order it is living in right relationship with God and all of creation.Gospel order is living one’s life under the ordering of the power of God.-Lu from Rochester, NYYM § Gospel Order is that harmony among all the aspects of Creation that God intended from the start.But most important are the inward leadings of the present Chris.-Jay Thatcher, Corvallis Friends Meeting, North Pacific YM § Kin-dom, an ordering and quality of our individual relationships and social structures that brings G-d into greater Presence within, between, and among us.


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