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When he stops, we are there and the forest has become the central setting of the film; the three men in the rain at the gate become a chorus commenting on the action in the clearing.It had become a dark place where unidentified corpses were abandoned.A servant that had gotten dismissed by his master sits on the steps in the pouring rain wondering if he should become a thief to make a living.The dichotomy of morality and immorality are correlated through the characters.The servant had decided not to steal before entering Rashomon holding up his morality, however after the hag's speech about selling hair to survive, he changes.Rashomon by Akutagawa Ryunosuke takes place at the gate called Rashomon in Kyoto.The devastated city had no time to repair the rusting gate.Under the Rashomon gate time hangs heavily, dead, empty, idle; in the forest time is charged with passion and anxiety, with life and honor at stake.Kurosawa first breaches the distance between these two by a dazzling two minutes of pure cinema which combines both—the woodcutter’s walk into the forest, sixteen shots of continuous varied movement while the story waits in abeyance.Thus this scene, like those at the Rashomon gate, represents dead time, yet its energy and impulsion, created by movement and rhythm, links it to events in the woods.These two minutes do not advance the plot at all, still they are essential for our experience of the film.


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