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These studies were published in serious journals or promoted in serious news outlets. In a recent paper in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, a team of respected economists and psychologists released the results of 21 replications of high-profile experiments.Replication is important to scientists, because it means the finding might just be real. On average, results were only about half the size of the originally published claims. The lack of replication was predicted ahead of time by a panel of experts using a “prediction market,” in which experts were allowed to bet on which experiments were more or less likely to — well, be real.

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When you're writing it, you think of it as an act of boldness, assuming absolutely everyone else will turn in a conventional I'm great, blah blah blah essay.

If done correctly, you believe the experimental essay has the potential to reveal your inner Salinger (or Hemingway or Faulkner.

Let me give you an example: Prompt 1: Describe something new that you bring to the table. So, oblivious, slightly cynical, profound-writer me would have honestly answered this question with something to the extent of: "I know I cannot bring anything new to the table.

There are few precedents which have yet to be established. If a college asks you about unique qualities you have, talk about how unique you are.

Yet, at the time I thought I was staying true to myself.

They would appreciate a brutally honest candidate, I told myself. Now what does this anecdote have anything to do with college admissions essays, you ask?

Looking back now, I knew all along that I would not receive an offer.

I knew as I was filling out the online questionnaire, while crafting essays, and during the first few interviews that everything I was saying sabotaged my chances of getting the job.

Therefore it is my understanding of my ordinariness that paradoxically makes me unique." Of course I still truly believe this today, but if presented the same prompt tomorrow in class, I would undoubtedly respond differently. Unfortunately, the questions are worded in such a vague way that you could technically answer a number of different ways. During my most recent interviews, the interviewer had to incessantly reword the question so I might focus on the information she wanted to receive.

The problem is, interviewers and colleges are not always straightforward about the answers they want.


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