Facts About Spain For Homework

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In 1986 Spain joined the European Union and further modernised its economy.

In addition to tourism, other important industries include machinery, shipbuilding, food, beverages, and textiles.

Spaniards are known for their love of life and for eating and drinking with family and friends.

Traditional appetizers like tapas or pintxos (the Basque Country equivalent) are popular.

The victorious General Francisco Franco ruled as a brutal dictator until his death in 1975.

Soon after, Spain began to transform itself into a modern, industrial and democratic European nation.Rivers run to the coasts, creating rich soils that are good for farming.Still, the interior of the country gets very cold in winter, and very hot and dry in summer.One protected area is Doñana National Park, a region of marshes, streams and sand dunes where the Guadalquivir River flows into the Atlantic. In 1492 Christian kingdoms in northern Spain conquered the Muslims and spread the Catholic religion.The park”s diversity of life is unique in Europe and includes the European badger, Egyptian mongoose and endangered species such as the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx. Enriched by silver from the Americas, Spain grew more powerful and influential.A link between Europe and Africa, Spain is an important resting spot for migratory birds.It is also home to magnificent mammals including wolves, lynxes, wildcats, foxes and deer – and fab fish such as barbel, tench and trout can be found in the country’s streams and lakes.The north coast of this amazing country is called “Green Spain”.This is because the mild, wet climate of the region allows lush plants and trees, such as beech and oak, to flourish. If you’re learning how to speak Spanish, studying the culture of Spain will motivate you and make your studies much more interesting!So without further ado, here are 50 interesting facts about Spain that you might be surprised to learn.


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