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The Doll of Darkness In Heidi Julavits’ “The Miniaturist”, the audience is introduced to a family who is subject to tragedy and a brokenness that entails their lives in confusion and manipulation.In the story, Jennifer and Maureen are drawn to a house in hopes of finding their sister, Helen.Heidi, crying, goes home to her father, who calls the school and argues that his daughter is not a "punk" with regard to behavior, only style.

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The second half of the second sentence- “not even if I wanted to try” showed that she did not plan to even try to get the colour out of her hair; instead, she planned for it to stay on her hair for quite a long time.

She had done all of these just to go against the school and her headmistress, and to do what she want while not letting the school punish her for it. My other impression about the girl Heidi was that, she would do everything to get what she wants.

It seemed to me that she wanted to rebel against the school purposely by not doing everything the school wanted her to do.

Furthermore, when her dad called the school, he said that “she discussed it with me first- we checked the rules.” It seemed to me that she checked the school rules for loop holes in them before attempting to rebel, so the school could not do anything to her, and even discussed the matter with her parent, so the school could not say that she had done so without having parents’ consent.

As they wait for the horrid weather to subside, they come across strong coincidences in the lives of the inhabitant of the house and their own.

As the eeriness grows the readers find Jennifer desperately fighting off feelings of uncertainty and trying to grasp on to what is left of her rationality.

Also, her hair’s colour was being dyed “ultramarine on the clipped sides, with a crest of jet-black spikes on top”, this was somewhat a really rebellious thing to do in my point of view, as by doing this, she became different from everybody else, not following the trend.

When she “wiped your eyes”, she especially noted that they were also “not in a school colour”.

The poem implies that Heidi may have dyed her hair in reaction to her mother's death.

The next day, Heidi's friend dyes her hair white, gray, and yellow—the school colors—to show support for Heidi, and Heidi and the other students have won the battle to express themselves.


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