Francis Bacon Essays Of Truth Analysis

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Additionally, he wrote a Utopian science fiction novel called , which was published after his death.

While this novel's acclaim does not lie in its plot or artful storytelling, it provided eloquent descriptions of the kind of research work Bacon believed in.

Bacon strongly opposed what is today known as the "intellectual armchair." In addition to identifying how the human mind was incorrectly programmed to truly absorb knowledge (idols of the mind), explaining how the knowledge we did learn was incorrectly done so (distempers of learning) and even giving a method to collect knowledge in a methodical, foolproof manner (Baconian induction), Bacon realized he needed to restructure knowledge into categories that better fit with his philosophy of the world.

He proposed dividing knowledge into history, poesy (poetry) and philosophy, which represented the three faculties of mind: memory, imagination and reason respectively.

Unfortunately, his criticism of a new tax scheme landed him on the negative side of the reigning monarch-, which was a highly unfavorable situation in those times.

It was only when King James I became monarch in 1603 did Bacon's rise to political power begin.

However, the death of his father who left him barely any money, forced Bacon to return to England in search of better prospects.

After completion of his law degree in 1582 and subsequently becoming a lecturer, he began his foray into political life in 1584- after being elected a member of the British Parliament.

This state of affairs made Bacon disillusioned with human nature, and he went on to publish certain works that greatly critiqued the innate nature of the human mind.

He believed that if society was to progress, human minds would have to be cleared of their inherent obstructions in order to embrace true learning and knowledge, which was constructive and would lead to society's advancement.


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