Free Creative Writing Exercises

Craft a poem or flash fiction story using your own library as a prompt.

We hope you find inspiration in our coffee break writing exercises.

This changed once I began writing thousands of words per day. Other days, I already had a topic in hand, but I couldn’t find the words.

WTF is a 30 minute block of time each Friday that the Astrohaus team spends freewriting.

When you take an online class, you'll be solely responsible for doing the work and getting the most out the class.

There are two basic types of free courses: those that only offer reading material and those with an interactive forum or e-mail system.

Many universities offer free online creative writing classes.

These classes normally offer interactive communication with the professor and other students, but check the universities' sites to be sure.

If you want to get specific feedback on your projects, you will want to look for a free course that has a forum or a teacher that will give you guidance on your work.

In addition to looking for the type of class that will suit your needs, you should also take a close look at who is giving the course.


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