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Are you objecting to the use of quotation marks around the phrase “best evidence” or to the use of a comma after “that is”? See rule 9 here, rule 21 here, or the table in the middle of this page.

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When God rejected his [sacrifice], he became angry at God.

Since he could not hurt God, he took out his anger on God’s servant, his brother…

But I guess rule 9 at your first link says that a comma before ‘that is’ is okay if its break from the rest of the sentence structure is minimal.

Otherwise, a colon or semicolon or em dash is preferred. Sometimes I wonder how people cannot realize how wrong they are (although I am guessing they are just as mystified by us evil atheists).

He had been God’s choir director since he was created…

In his pride, Satan decided he would exalt himself and take over the throne of God. Cain promoted the evolutionary doctrine that man can progress by his own efforts…

Rek, please follow any of the three links that I provided in my previous comment.

As I said in that comment, the phrase “that is” is adverbial in the context under consideration.

In the country of Turkey (which is almost totally dedicated to Mohammed) evolution is taught as fact.

“While all of the evidence is not in yet,” I love how he sets this goal that is unambiguously arbitrary.


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