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Could you bring further insight to this topic with knowledge of taxation systems in other countries?

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” and brainstorm every possible way the world is cold for older people in various contexts and situations.

Consider both individual experiences and societal factors impacting the experiences of older people.

Click Here Image Courtesy: GAMSAT Essay Quote: “The art of taxation consists of plucking the goose so as to obtain the most feathers with the least hissing.” – Jean-Baptiste Colbert I much prefer it when the tax I am paying is hidden in the purchase price so that I don’t really think about it (and get annoyed by it). In America, sales tax is openly added on top of your purchases, whereas in Australia, the GST is generally hidden in the price.

We don’t get slapped in the face with the fact that we are paying tax every time we purchase a can of coke or a packet of chips.

Rather, they spend their 5 minutes perusal time thinking broadly about the quotes, themes and what they might write, then they launch straight into writing without developing a clear plan.

The most common problem with this approach is that people swiftly write an introduction and first body paragraph, then they hit a roadblock on what to write next.Thus, ideally you should be reading, listening and watching broadly across a range of media sources to develop your knowledge of contemporary socio-political and socio-cultural issues within Australia and beyond our borders.Push yourself to read outside your primary areas of interest to build up a wealth of diverse content ideas that are transferable across many possible Gamsat themes.#2 Develop a Strong Thesis Statement or Main Message All pieces of writing must have a clear purpose, a key message that you are presenting to the reader that forms the ‘spine’ of your Gamsat essay.Articulate this in your introduction and stick with it throughout your essay, linking back to it in your conclusion. In fact, you can be richly rewarded in your score if you don’t write essays.Writing poetry may not be your cup of chai, but there are many other creative formats and strategies that you can use to create submissions for section 2 of the GAMSAT that stand out from the crowd and highly impress the marker. Gamsat Section 2 Essays – Ageing Theme What would you be inclined to write about under the theme of Ageing in a Gamsat essay?At the Gamsat essay planning stage, take an extra minute or two to ponder the theme and/or a specific quote or two and ask yourself “What else is relevant here?” Cast your thoughts across different cultures/settings/organisations/industries, etc. #5 Practice Gamsat Essay Planning A fastidious use of your time in preparing for section 2 of the Gamsat is to write practice essay plans rather than just writing complete essays.There’s some form of tax involved in almost everything we do: customs duties, stamp duty, capital gains tax, house rates, superannuation tax, fuel excise tax, car registration, driving on toll roads and bridges, departure tax if you leave the country, even death taxes!Food for thought if one of the GAMSAT essays you find yourself writing in the future is on the topic of taxation.


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