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Those gardens may be as far away from everyday reality as Gilgamesh’s garden of the gods or as near as our own backyard, but in their very conception and the marks they bear of human care and cultivation, gardens stand as restorative, nourishing, necessary havens.With Gardens, Robert Pogue Harrison graces readers with a thoughtful, wide-ranging examination of the many ways gardens evoke the human condition.

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Some people will tell you to wait until you have finished writing to choose a title.

I find a title helps me stay focused, but I always review mine when I'm finished to ensure that it's the most effective it can be.

Anything you write will benefit from these simple parts of an essay: Your best essays will be about the things that light your fire. What topics do you find yourself arguing for or against?

Choose the side of the topic you are "for" rather than "against," and your essay will be stronger.

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