Gcse Handling Data Maths Coursework

Gcse Handling Data Maths Coursework-84
It is just educated guesses that, according to this data, males are slightly better at.However, there were still many things that would have improved the investigation were we to repeat it.

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For example, the sample size for much of the data may have been too small, so wouldn’t have allowed us to see a trend in the data.

Increasing the sample size would give a much better representation of the population.

This means that in fact Key Stage 5’s values are closely bunched (due to standard deviation) around a value that is further away from zero % error and therefore less accurate than Key Stage 4.

Although Key Stage 4’s data is less consistent, it is less consistent around a value very close to zero, suggesting many pupils in Key Stage 4 guessed very accurately, on a contrary to my hypothesis.

The median and the skew of the box plots also seem to suggest this.

Again Key Stage 4’s median is the closest to zero (-1.36), Key Stage 5’s median is further from zero (-4.76) and Key Stage 3 is further still (-6.16).

This means most of the estimates are between -4.76 and -6.16 and fewer above -4.76, extremely far off zero compared with Key Stage 4, and therefore the estimates are much less accurate.

Of course, Key Stage 3 complied with the hypothesis, with a negative skew even more than Key Stage 5, with both the median and upper quartiles being -6.16.

I found the sampling method sheet particularly useful using our school as an example and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

For example, the probability of flipping a coin and it being heads is ½, because there is 1 way of getting a head and the total number of possible outcomes is 2 (a head or tail). Experimental probability and the importance of basing this on a large trial is also covered.


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