Gene Evolution Term Papers

Microbial Evolution and Co-Adaptation: A Tribute to the Life and Scientific Legacies of Joshua Lederberg (2009) Dr.

Joshua Lederberg - scientist, Nobel laureate, visionary thinker, and friend of the Forum on Microbial Threats - died on February 2, 2008.

It provides a succinct overview of the many recent advances from the fossil record, molecular biology, and a new field known as evolutionary-developmental biology that have yielded important, new, and overwhelming evidence for evolution.

In the Light of Evolution, Volume II: Biodiversity and Extinction (2008)The current extinction crisis is of human making, and any favorable resolution of that biodiversity crisis--among the most dire in the 4-billion-year history of the Earth--will have to be initiated by mankind.

In the chapters of this book, leading evolutionary biologists and science historians reflect upon and commemorate the Darwinian Revolution.

Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet (2008) Questions about the origin and nature of Earth and the life on it have long preoccupied human thought and the scientific endeavor.

The third session will look at the role of cooperation in disease, as pathogens, selfish genetic elements, and cancers exploit their hosts.

The final session will explore how this evolutionary perspective sheds light on the human condition.

In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation (2011)(Includes podcasts from the meeting.

Report forthcoming) Cooperation is one of the great challenges to evolutionary theory.


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