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Geography Ccea Coursework-53
' Our expert speakers are coming to Nottingham, Manchester and London this November, to update students on the very latest developments in this ever-changing field. Topical articles, brand new case studies and expert exam advice will deepen your students' subject knowledge and help them develop independent learning skills. Prepare for non-examined assessment by developing key skills like data collection and analysis, fieldwork methodology and critical evaluation.

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Many employers prize the knowledge and skills that studying geography can provide.

It could take you places, and in to a great career including: GIS, Cartographer, Town planning, Regional Development, Aid workers, Disaster Manager, Coastal Manager, Hydrologist, Eco-Tourism advisor, Media Researcher, Environmental Consultant, Conservation officer, Social Worker , Teacher.

At Key Stage 5 pupils study the CCEA Specification for AS and A Level.

AS1 Physical Geography (including fieldwork skills) • Fieldwork Skills; • Fluvial Environments; • Ecosystems; • Atmospheric Systems AS2 Human Geography (including skills and techniques) • Skills and Techniques; • Population; • Rural and Urban Environment; • Development A21 Human Interactions and Global Issues • Impact of Population Change; • Issues in Ethnic Diversity; • Tourism A22 Physical Geography and Decision Making • The Nature and Sustainability of Tropical Ecosystems; • The Dynamic Earth; • Decision Making It is a subject that helps young people into work.

From 'Quarry', the River Calder begins to meander SW passing through 'Oakenclough' on grid reference 5547 passing Calder Vale further south.

SW from this, the River Calder passes 'Sandholme Mill', intersecting with the M6 motorway around grid-reference 52435.

• Tourism; • I’m a teenager; • Plate Tectonics – Volcanoes and Earthquakes; • Globalisation; • Field Work – Plate Tectonics in Ireland – Field Trip with Mourne, Cooley & Gullion Geotourism; • Field Work Trips Year 11 Coursework 25% • Fieldwork Inquiry – How a river changes from Source to Mouth • 1500 words Year 11 Unit 1 – Written Exam 37.5% • Physical Geography written paper.

• Rivers, Coasts, Weather and climate, and Earthquakes and volcanoes Year 12 Unit 2 – Written Exam 37.5% • Human Geography written paper • Development, Resources, Population and Settlement Unit 1: Understanding Our Natural World – 37.5% A: The Dynamic Landscape • The Drainage Basin: a Component of the Water Cycle; • River Processes and Features; • Coastal Processes and Features; • Sustainable Management of Rivers; • Sustainable Management of Coasts B: Our Changing Weather and Climate • Measurement of the Weather Elements; • Weather Systems in the British Isles; • The Causes and Consequences of Climatic Change C: Restless Earth • Rock Types; • Plate Tectonics Theory; • Tectonic Activity in the British Isles; • Earthquakes: Can They Be Managed?

However, they must complete all analysis and evaluation work under direct supervision by the teacher.

At present fieldwork is carried out in the form of a River Study through Killowen Field Centre.


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