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Perhaps you were asked to take on a project in a subject area you knew nothing about and it did not go well.

Perhaps you were asked to take on a project in a subject area you knew nothing about and it did not go well.

How do you believe your personal brand will strengthen the Mc Donough community?

As you complete your MBA program, how do you hope to see your personal brand evolve through the transformative experience of business school?

When her boss returned from leave she was in a position to ask for a promotion and more responsibility.

You may have faced a similar situation, whether planned or impromptu, and discovered that you had leadership skills ready to hone through this stretch assignment.

Essay option three is a bit different from the prior two questions, which focused on a single situation from your past.

This question draws from your entire background to understand more about how you see yourself and present yourself to the world.It will be helpful to demonstrate that mindset in this essay and show how you think.As you answer the question about how you used this experience to be successful in future situations, make sure you reflect a bit on your own development and what you learned in the process.These questions are applicable for both the Full-time MBA and the Flex MBA.Essay Option One: It can be said that life begins outside your comfort zone.Essay Option Two: “Failure is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to be POWERED by.Failure is the high-octane fuel your life can run on.Many leadership experts believe that stretch assignments are the best way to develop high potential employees, and the definition of a stretch assignment is something outside your comfort zone that you need to learn and develop to achieve.As you reflect upon some of your best leadership moments you may find that you were outside your comfort zone.This option provides an opportunity to reflect upon a moment in your life when things did not go smoothly.We all have pivotal moments in our lives, and often they felt like failures as they were occurring.


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