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Our challenge was to create a new brand and launch a campaign to promote a more positive and responsible culture of kayakers and campers.After concept and logo, we designed and developed various promotion materials - among them posters, website, billboards, graphics for their Facebook page that we also managed, and design of the cups themselves!Design 8 saw small changes to the design, some of which were suggested by clients.

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Design 4 led me to commission an Avatar and, with the suggestion of several people, added a dog since I was doing volunteer Therapy Dog work at the time.

I also added the dotted line across a black line which I’ve kept to this day.

They have been on the first page on Google on their 2 main keywords.

We have developed for them over 20 websites in 12 countries with multilingual eshops in several currencies.

Write about your projects as early as you can, even if you have to adjust the copy slightly later to fit your final page layout.

I usually just put all my thoughts in Evernote or a Google Doc.

I made my name more prominent in a script font and printed again on 20# white opaque plastic stock. I changed the frame around my logo to one that was more feminine and I put my phone number in circles, an idea that I’ve kept on each successive card.

Design 6 introduced the Avatar that I created for myself.

Design 1 was shortly after I started my business in January 2000 and kept the design for about 15 years.

It was practical and had just a touch of a design element but it didn’t do a good job of reflecting my personality.


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