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In this video, Briana describes an approach to essay writing used in many elementary classrooms across the country in which the image of a hamburger serves as a graphic organizer.The top bun is the thesis, the bottom bun the conclusion, and the meat, cheese, and veggies—the details—are sandwiched in between.

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The reader needs a challenge to let the ideas stir in their head.

At its simplest form, the challenge is a restated main point.

These three paragraphs each cover a supporting argument to enhance the main point.

The final paragraph, the bottom bun, restates the main argument of the essay.

Rhonda Jelich, the district's director of elementary education and staff development, explained to that the hamburger model is one of many age-appropriate methods for giving all students a writing structure.

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And since kids like hearing from kids, it's the kind of short video teachers may want to show in their classrooms to get students going with the literacy strategy.It doesn’t matter how well evidenced and developed your main point is, the entire persuasive essay hinges on the introduction. A reader will decide in the first few lines if they will read your essay or move onto the next thing.Capturing their attention with a story goes a long way in helping the reader explore the opinion and evidence presented.While the Hamburger Method is, admittedly, a simplistic look at writing persuasive essays, the method stuck has stuck with me for years.That's why I’ve updated the Hamburger Method to help with any form of persuasive writing. Opinions alone don’t develop into well-crafted persuasive essays.Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast discussing the topic and, when necessary, read histories to provide context on the time of the source.Research helps to enhance and reshape our opinion into the essay’s main point.Great challenges allow the reader to contemplate their own views and opinions.With the reader left re-evaluating their approach, the persuasive essay succeeded. Decide who makes your favorite hamburger and convince me why that burger is better than any other.Develop your main point, corroborate it with evidence, and hook me into your opinion. V., who wrote an award-winning essay for her district's drug-and-alcohol prevention competition.


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