Harald Grosskopf Synthesist 2010

Harald Grosskopf Synthesist 2010-21
We made another date 4 weeks later and did 20 more minutes.So we had 60 minutes in total and this is our first LP, CD and digital download.But I don’t tell stories, I use the voice like another instrument and make rhythm with it like …

We made another date 4 weeks later and did 20 more minutes.So we had 60 minutes in total and this is our first LP, CD and digital download.

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they had so much power, I had never heard this before. I’m a more experimental musician using wired sounds and he didn’t like it! So when I telephoned him to suggest working together, he did not want to…

but 4 weeks later, he said He came into my studio, but I did not tell him before that I’d prepared it to record our whole session professionally. We had never played together before but this 40 minutes was so great, it was wonderful music.

He is a real musician and he wanted to make music, he doesn’t want to stand on a stage with the sounds coming from the computer So how do you make technology work for you in KRAUTWERK?

There is a difference between Harald and me; Harald works very much with technology and computers.

As Fritz Müller, you worked with the legendary Conny Plank, what was he like?

He was a very important man, for me in the last century, Conny Plank was the most important producer, engineer and mixer in the whole world, THE BEST!And if you’ve got it on repeat like we do, the 10-minute track seems to carry on indefinitely without ever wearing its welcome thin."The Cut" is the latest film by German director Fatih Akin, based on the Armenian Genocide (release date Oct 16, 2014).He was very clear and only wanted to make music with people he liked… There was a lot of love between him and the musicians, it was so wonderful to work with him, he had a good gut feeling about people.I was the person in the background that put him in contact with KRAFTWERK and NEU!but it was in 1967 while as a member of the band PISSOFF that he met Florian Schneider.More recently, Kranemann has formed KRAUTWERK with Harald Grosskopf who played drums on Klaus Schulze’s ‘Moondawn’ and recorded a number of albums with Manuel Göttsching as a member of ASHRA.But I don’t do it as much as he does, because I’m more of a traditional musician.When we play live, I play cello, Hawaiian guitar and sing.He was so great that he even turned down David Bowie and U2.He was very honest, he didn’t want to work with them.


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