Help Protect The Environment Essay

We read about the importance of a healthy environment to survive.

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Seek prior permission from concerned authorities for doing any of these things.

Many people say there is a need to protect the environment, but do not really make any effort to do anything about it. What can we do to encourage people to take action to protect the environment?

These things help create an awakening in the masses about how grave environmental problems are and what we can do to solve them.

Organize small activities like planting trees, cleaning an area in the locality, visiting an animal shelter or volunteer for an organization which works towards creating environmental awareness.

These require tough regulations and huge investment.

The loss of forests and other habitat is another problem.

Plant a tree every month, encourage your friends and colleagues to join you. There are so many electrical gadgets you must be using daily - the air conditioner, heater, refrigerator and oven among many more. Make it a point to switch off the television set or music system after use. Your computer is one of the most used gadgets in the house. Now weren't these very simple ways of saving the environment? Use renewable sources of energy as much as possible. Even geothermal and ground source heat pumps are available for household use.

Have more and more trees planted and there will come a day when you have a green stretch of land, thanks to your effort. Choose to walk short distances instead of taking your car every time. And each time you avoid using your car, you are contributing to reducing air pollution. Resort to the use of renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro power. Get a solar panel installed and start using solar power for water and room heaters. The added benefit of harnessing alternative energy sources is that the Government offers you incentives for that.

We are cutting down trees, we are killing animals, we are exploiting nature.

Earth's resources are depleting, posing a threat to human existence on the planet. Let's resort to simple ways to save the environment. We talk about saving our environment and how important it is to conserve natural resources.


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