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_r=1)) “Activity is not the solution – you can’t run off a Coke or an ice-cream cone or candy bar very easily – it takes a lot of exercise to offset an extra hundred calories,” he said.The nutrition expert says the basic problem is that when people shift from drinking water or unsweetened tea and coffee to sugary drinks and juices, they don’t cut their food intake.The debate over junk food taxes is drawing increasing attention from both sides.

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In the case of Hungary, for example, “initial, limited evidence suggests that the tax increased consumer prices of targeted products, reduced their consumption, and inspired some producers to reformulate products to get ingredient levels below the tax thresholds,” says the Tax Policy Center’s report.

Taxation will also generate a lot of extra tax dollars.

Food manufacturers won’t let their sales drop because of higher prices.

They’ll find ways to make prepared foods with fewer of the bad ingredients.

is an easy sell—adults can still see all the glistening fast food ads they like, after they put the kids to bed, and it costs nothing.

When the same survey asked whether sugary drinks should be taxed, only 55% supported the plan (with 36% opposed), perhaps mirroring the bigger burden on the consumer’s pocketbook.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .The main problem with banning ads is how to classify junk food, but once the junk food lobbyists have been beaten down, the system is simple. A paper published at the end of 2015 by the Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution investigated the proposal.Even if we decide to tax junk food, what part exactly do you tax?Here are some recent arguments from vocal advocates on both sides of the debate: The coalition has twin primary aims: 1) To promote a healthy economy and healthy lifestyles by educating Americans about smart solutions that rely upon science, economic realities and common sense; and 2) To prevent the enactment of this regressive and discriminatory tax that will not teach our children how to have a healthy lifestyle, and will have no meaningful impact on child behavior or public health, but will have a negative impact on American families struggling in this economy.(( To support their stance that the tax would have no “meaningful impact on…public health” they site a variety of studies including one from the The Mercatus Center at George Mason University that Americans Against Food Taxes says finds “that any impact of a soft drink tax would be trivial because soft drink consumption is a relatively small part of the diet for overweight people.” Further, they suggest that the financial impact of the tax could be excessively burdensome, particularly on the poor.After all, junk food is easily available, it’s cheap, and it’s advertised harder than other kinds of foods. The idea behind banning advertising to kids is that bad habits, once learned, stick around for life. Specifically, a ban on TV advertising before the 9 p.m. The other idea is to tax junk food heavily enough to make it more expensive than healthy food, a gambit already deployed in some countries and cities.“Junk food is everywhere,” says the U. Cancer Research’s director of cancer prevention Alison Cox.They also site an article in choose a TV tax over a junk food tax?)) should be the focus of strategies aimed at preventing and treating overweight and obesity in youth.” (( The NY Times has suggested that the Americans Against Food Taxes is a front for the soft drink industry reporting that “Calls to a media contact listed on the site reach the American Beverage Association, an industry organization whose board is made up of top executives from the major soft drink manufacturers.” ((


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