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The language exam consists of translation of a text of 300-700 words chosen by the examiner to be translated into English in three hours (use of a non-electronic dictionary is allowed).Specific qualities of the language and expected level of proficiency in the field will impact the choice and length of the selected text.Architecture, History, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Archaeology, etc.).

Students are not admitted for a terminal master’s (MA) degree.

The MA is awarded in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Ph D and is granted with the successful completion of the first stage of the program, typically at the end of the second year, 6th quarter, in residence.

Students at the MA stage are expected to satisfy their first foreign language requirement by the end of the 3rd quarter in residence.

It is highly recommended that they complete the second language requirement by the end of the 6th quarter in residence.

Graduate Review Committee must approve any change of advisor(s) or the major and minor fields.

Requirements for the Ph D The completion of the Ph D requires reading knowledge of a minimum of two foreign languages relevant to the student’s field of study (more than two may be required in some cases and must be determined in consultation with the faculty advisor).

Advising * Typically the above requirements are completed within the first two years of study (6 quarters).

Distribution of Coursework The nine required courses must include at least two courses from Group A and two courses from Group B noted below.

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Each entry identifies the student’s name, dissertation title, school, and advisor. has published the authors and titles of doctoral dissertations in art history and visual studies—both completed and in progress—from American and Canadian institutions for calendar year 2015.


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