Homework Should Be Abolished

Finishing homework will reap great reward such as a favourable test score or report card, because students will study hardly to reach the best score in the class.It is just like a motivation for them, because they will vied in order to get the highest score in the class.

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This is especially so when we get stuck in a mathematics problem and can see no way through. I wonder how the students really feel about the teacher underneath their assumed silence. In this way we do learn anything except that we are simply fed up.It is useful in many ways, I will say that homework should be given discreetly.It's already a full-time job concentrating on what each teacher tells us in class.There are a few students in my class who have more or less given up on subject that the teacher load with too much homework, example math. Homework is one of the most important things in order to increasing grades at school.If they are stress, the lessons that already learned will be disappeared.However, homework will help teachers to identify the weaknesses of the students.Homework should not be abolished, because it is a chance for students to catch up on missed class, and it is also give an opportunity to improve new skills at school.But, too much homework will make students more stress, because they have to be relaxed at school.It is very easy to answer 'yes' to the above question, especially when one is loaded with homework up to the neck.However I will not say that homework should be abolished.


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