How To Motivate Kids To Do Homework

This applies to finishing chores and school tasks, among the many other ways we can give autonomy.The more we back off, the more they feel ownership of the project.

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They’ll learn you mean business as they walk into their rooms to see their pillows on the floor.

They might realize how uncomfortable it is to sleep without one and understand why you’d asked them to do it.

But bedtime was coming up and they still didn’t return the pillows to their beds, despite you asking them to do it.

It’s tempting to go into their room and do it yourself.

After all, they’ll be motivated to finish a task they got to make most decisions on. We’re scared they’ll mess up, do a project wrong, or completely botch a task.

Maybe that’s letting your kids fix their bed however way they want, or not taking over his school projects and crafts (you can always tell which were the ones parents did! But kids crave that control and the ability to make choices.So, how can we get kids to actually important tasks they need to complete? The chores we swore they’d be responsible for remain undone.First, let’s back track and examine a typical conversation between parents and kids. And we point out all the ways they’re time they’ll follow through and finish.What are a few techniques on motivating children to do their best?In all our hovering, we’re doing the one thing that kills the eagerness to learn in our kids: Control.And it turns kids into driven, self-starters finishers.Okay, so we get that motivation is more inspiring than nagging or punishment.We may even get into arguments over cleaning their room or finishing their Thanksgiving turkey project. What if we tried one technique first, one that would make kids finish tasks they started, all on their own? We’re all more driven when we’re self-motivated, even as adults.Motivation removes nagging because kids find joy in doing the tasks within themselves.After all, the “mistakes” are petty compared to the lessons they learn from doing things on their own.So they didn’t rake the leaves as neatly or even as effectively as you do, but they learned the importance of contributing to the household and the pride of a job well done.


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