How To Solve A Ratio Word Problem

How To Solve A Ratio Word Problem-52
For a proportion a:b = c:d, product of means = product of extremes → b*c = a*d.Let us take a look at some examples: Question: In a mixture of 45 litres, the ratio of sugar solution to salt solution is 1:2.

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Setting up the proportion, sugar solution / salt solution = (15 x)/30 = 2/1 → x = 45.

Therefore, 45 litres of sugar solution has to be added to bring it to the ratio 2:1.

What you need to do is to first write the ratio of number of miles the car can travel to the number of gallons of gas the car has. The ratio is 400/8 and in simplest form it is 50/1 after dividing both numerator and denominator by 8. Example #6: Suppose a math class starts at the beginning of the school year with 12 boys and 8 girls.

However, after school resumes in January, 6 new boys and 4 new girls came to the class.

Solution: Let the quantity of sugar required be x kgs. Therefore, 20 kgs of sugar is required for 60 kgs of sweet.

3 kgs of sugar added to 6 kgs of flour constitutes a total of 9 kgs of sweet. We need to find the quantity of sugar required for 60 kgs of sweet. Question: If a 60 ml of water contains 12% of chlorine, how much water must be added in order to create a 8% chlorine solution?

Now, to bring the bleach percentage back to 20%, extra water is added and the amount of bleach remains the same. 16 L of bleach constitutes 20% of the solution → 16/(32 y) = 20/100 → y = 48.

Therefore, 48 litres of water has to be added to the solution if bleach has to be 20% of the whole solution.

Solution: Men : women = 21 : 28 = 3:4 Women : total number of people = 28 : 49 = 4 : 7 Question: In a group, the ratio of doctors to lawyers is 5:4.

If the total number of people in the group is 72, what is the number of lawyers in the group? Question: In a bag, there are a certain number of toy-blocks with alphabets A, B, C and D written on them.


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