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And actually do them properly, get a clock out, sit down in silence, and do the exam.

And actually do them properly, get a clock out, sit down in silence, and do the exam.

The University of Adelaide is committed to regular reviews of the courses and programs it offers to students.

The University of Adelaide therefore reserves the right to discontinue or vary programs and courses without notice.

Cheers for the help Yo guys, summer's coming up and I really need to work hard at chemistry.

Cheers for the help I shall try and summarise some tips: 1) Understanding before learning.

Energy and Equilibrium - the relevance of intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium, energy considerations and chemical reactivity applied to aspects of chemistry and biochemistry. Strategies for synthesis and properties of biologically significant molecules will also be addressed.

Stellar Nucleosynthesis Reactions - Ib Chemistry Coursework Mark Scheme

Synthetic and Bio-organic Chemistry - an introduction to chemical synthesis with particular reference to addition and substitution reactions.

A student enrolled in a 3 unit course, such as this, should expect to spend, on average 12 hours per week on the studies required.

This includes both the formal contact time required to the course (e.g., lectures and practicals), as well as non-contact time (e.g., reading and revision). An introduction to chemical synthesis with particular reference to addition and substitution reactions.

Also, take any topic tests that they give you in school seriously (as well as the mocks)- what you learn then will stay in your mind (even if you have to dig a bit) and makes the final revision easier. This allows you to revise stuff more than once and it relieves a lot of pressure. The hardest part for me is sitting down to study, the rest will come. Also, because I prefer to revise from the first chapter to the last, I sometimes spend too much time on the easier chapters. If you feel pressured for time, start with the difficult chapters and move to the easier ones. What I did - Buy revision books and carefully read them.

2) If you don't understand a particular topic very well, then ask your teacher to explain it. But if you have lots of time, then do them in order. Chemistry HL is a subject where you will not get a 7 if you do not UNDERSTAND the syllabus. This way, no matter what type of questions come, you have the basic knowledge. But I do not recommend doing them before small tests and stuff, because once you arrive at the Mock Exams or the final, you will have been too familiar with the questions (which is not how a real examination is! (The Oxford companion, and the shortened revision guide; the IBID press book; and finally the OSC revision guides).


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