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Here are some pointers from INSEAD’s admissions team on how to write a strong MBA application essay.Stay away from clichés and create original content.

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When it comes to applying for an MBA, writing your application essay is possibly the most challenging aspect.

A crucial element of your application, it gives you a unique opportunity to introduce your accomplishments and provide the admissions team with vital information about your motivations and overall fit for the program.

In terms of organizing this answer, think about the key turning points in your career. Given the limited space here, you might find it helpful to write about a strength here that is discussed in greater detail in another essay. Finally, if you are having difficulty thinking about your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your future academic and professional goals, please see my analysis of Essay 4 because in it I discuss how to think about strengths and weaknesses in relation to goals.

Help INSEAD understand how you have evolved professionally. In other words, you might discuss the origins of one your key strengths and trace its connection to your personal or professional accomplishments. Does the strength demonstrate one's potential for future academic and/or professional success? Some key things to keep in mind when answering this question:-Achievements reveal your potential to succeed at INSEAD and afterwords.-Achievements reveal your potential for contributing to your classmates.-Everyone has had achievements, so make your single most important achievement really stand out.-What you consider to be an achievement is a real test of your self-awareness and judgment.

A CV is now a required document for the application. I find that many applicants resist writing about their own weaknesses, yet to do so reveals self-awareness and maturity.

At the moment, there are no other instructions regarding it. If it is not a story that shows how your career has positively evolved, it is unlikely to be very effective. We each have our career ups and downs, especially anyone who has taken risks. What do you try to avoid due to your own limitations? If you are currently not working or if you plan to leave your current employer more than 2 months before the programme starts, please explain your activities and occupations between leaving your job and the start of the programme. While I think it is necessary to practice good judgment when writing about weakness, I think it is also important that you provide something beyond the routine.

So, try to avoid writing what you think the admissions committee would like to hear and follow your own instincts.

For example, you can mention elements from your personal life that can shed light on your passions, pursuits or accomplishments.

I understand that further instructions will be added. Most important responsibility that lead to a result.3-5. You might be unemployed at the moment, but what has been the trajectory so far? Don't shy away from discussing the risks, but the overall focus of this essay should be positive. One standard defensive strategy that many applicants seem drawn to is to write about knowledge or skill areas where they are weak, but this is not suitable for INSEAD's question because they want you to stress personal characteristics. If you are writing about a weakness that cannot be improved upon through your program at INSEAD, why do they need to know about it? Is your strength or weakness being stated without any context or very context and not supported by other essays in your application?

In my experience, INSEAD rewards those who take risks and does not look kindly on those that stay in the same position for five years or more. If you have been working in the same position for five years or more, you will need to really show how you have demonstrated growth in terms of results or responsibilities, which would have been primarily discussed in Job Essay 1. Compared to weaknesses, strengths are easier for most people to write about. If so, you really need to provide enough support for the strength or weakness to make it meaningful.


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