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Now, we eat more and move less, accumulating metabolically active fat cells which in turn results in obesity.

Studies have shown that these excess fats increase the risk of heart disease, strokes, erectile dysfunction and some cancers.

There was the impression that “exercise, healthy eating, mental health as well as physical health”, “being healthy, getting shots, eating healthy”, and having a “positive outlook” impacted wellness....

[tags: Health care, Health, Medicine] - Everyone has his or her own opinion of what the definition of health is – some believe health is simply the absence of disease, while others believe that health only involves a healthy mind or physical health – these opinions are not wrong, however, there is a more correct definition of health.

Biology is not the only factor that creates health issues in our bodies.

It is intertwined with social and economic situations in complex ways that build upon each other to contribute to health issues as well....

In other words, the poorer our lifestyle habits, the more fat cells we store and the greater our risk of disease, disability and untimely death.

'Diet and exercise' is the foundation of all diabetes management because it lowers blood sugar levels and prevents obesity.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must exercise regularly, have a balanced diet, and abstain from alcohol and smoking and not rely totally on medication.

Thus, I agree that the key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine.


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