Is The World Round Or Flat Essay

As an International Super Star that has travelled much more than you, I have seen many things and I would like to use these observations to add to the global discussion on this theory.Firstly I want to make the declarations that I am not a subscriber to the flat-earth theory.

This suggests that the planet is like a fluffy sphere, perhaps Slazenger although we cannot confirm this as the earth is so old that the logo may have rubbed off over time, in layman terms this is often referred to as the erosion.

Less often it is referred to as explosion, which rhymes.

Many noble experts also believe in the round, tennis-ball theory too, most notable perhaps is Professor Stephen Hawkins. Tip: Best to look at night, look up as well as left and right.

Coincidentally, as well as being a famous scientist I have heard that he also volunteers at Wimbledon during the championships flying around the grounds scaring the pigeons away. I hope this essay is considered by the scientific community and that it adds to the body of knowledge on the subject.

Sailors would have noticed that the sails of approaching ships appeared before the hulls of the ships became visible because the surface of the sea is slightly curved, like the surface of an enormous ball.

When you sail toward a ship, island, or lighthouse, their tallest points are the first thing to peek up over the curve of the horizon.

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have highlighted an apparently growing conspiracy theory belief that the Earth is not a globe, but instead a flat disc.

Flat Earth maps rearrange the continents and seas to radiate outward from the North Pole, which is imagined to be at the center of the disc.

Everything we think of as the Southern Hemisphere is spread out around the outer circumference.


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