Italian Family Culture Essay

Italian Family Culture Essay-8
Women are not picked seriously up to intellectual level and the domestic violence is statistically tall in Italy (especially in the South).Nevertheless, in a certain sense, women are also very respected.The violence towards the women is extremely tall in the United States that show the dark side of the confused mentality "equal but hated" of the American culture.

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The lunch, the adulation, are common in both the countries but the Americans tend to be more practical (you can also see it in the movies).The cultural differences manifest themselves in family situations.In the United States independence is one of our more precious qualities.You can see the greatest difference in the USA's small cities, where you will often see people making shopping with the pants of the overall.In Italy, I have seen some horrible suits, but generally, there is a good quality also in the small villages.In the United States, we have the tendency to put the career and the finances in front of our consort, children, brothers, , and parents, while for the Italian the family comes first, ever. People of all the ages go out, to drink and they remain in movement and in action. People seem to be tied up to their age, surrendering to the boring expectations of what should or should not do.The roles of the genders are very different between the United States and Italy in many, many ways.I have found a New Yorker that has spent some years in Italy and he has been writing the cultural differences between US and Italy.The first thing that I have noticed in Italy have been hearing about the food, for them, it is a true obsession.Nobody can be fired in Italy by the Trade Unions, therefore, it is almost sure that Nobody is interested in developing his own job. I have read a study in which is said that the children of all the countries of the first world are becoming more and more spoiled and pampered.At the postal office, I have asked more and more times to the employee: "Are you sending this to Iran, correct ? Nevertheless, I have often seen in Italy five-year-old children in a stroller or with the pacifier in mouth.


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