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Remove the water reservoir and look on the side where it touches the machine. Unplug the machine for several minutes then plug it back in. If it still does not work, it’s time to call customer service. Press the black Auto Off button to disable this feature. Keurig has outstanding customer service which is available 7 days a week. If your machine is still under warranty, they’ll even send a free replacement.

Make sure the magnet there is flat against the side of the reservoir and at the bottom of its channel.

The minerals build up in the tiny water lines of the Keurig machine and as a result, clog the system.

If this is the case in your coffee maker, then you could try performing the following tricks to descale and clean your machine.

Start off by removing the cover under the handle Being the most difficult part of the whole process, you should understand exactly what you’re.

We do not want to get injure or cause more problems to the machine either.The use of vinegar has proven to work like a charm.Suppose the above wasn’t your case, then you might want to check out the next possible fault. You’re either using the wrong type of water or your reservoir is causing the problem by sending some false signals to the machine. Here is what you should do to eliminate this error.Test your coffee maker When done returning the upper case, replace the water reservoir, fill it up then run a brew cycle.Everything must have gone back to normal and your machine pumping water just fine.We believe that with all the above tips and tricks, you’ll never miss your favorite coffee flavor again! Then you should consider picking up your phone and call the customer care support for more assistance. (Step 1 in “How to Clean a Keurig,” above.)If you continue experiencing problems after following the steps above, please check the following: Ensure the reservoir magnet it seated properly. Unplug the machine again, plug it back in, and try the power. This turns the machine off after 2 hours if not in use (90 seconds in a Keurig mini). Things can get even much uglier when your Keurig machine wouldn’t work just fine. How about you know some of the troubleshooting tricks and tips that you could apply? The following paragraphs are about to shed some limelight on the possible causes of why your Keurig won’t pump water and how you could easily fix them.If you use tap water or water from the well, note that such waters have lots of minerals calcium inclusive.The process that we’re about to go through might be what you just need.So if you’re determined to do it yourself, then let’s get down to doing it!


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