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Assignment Based On Product Interest – for companies with a large selection of complex services this type of Salesforce assignment rule is incredibly useful.

It involves pre-defining which team members are specialists in specific product areas, then when leads come into the business Salesforce can pick out specific product information relating to what service the prospect is enquiring about.

Note: This feature only works for the ‘Distribute Lead’ card of Automation.

You can set limits on the number of leads that can be assigned to a user per day/week.

The premise with round robin based assignment is that leads or cases are evenly distributed across all team members.

Therefore, when a new lead comes into play it is automatically assigned to the team member who has waited the longest since their last lead; meaning all leads are spread out evenly as they come into Salesforce.

A lead can be generated either by manually or generated from the web.

Salesforce lead assignment rules defines the administrators to assign a Case to users and queues based on criteria.

Assignment rules can then be created so that incoming leads are placed into the correct queue based on captured address information.

Salesforce users can either be notified each time a new lead enters their territory queue or simply check the contents of the queue and claim ownership of any opportunities that fit their criteria.


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